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"NIPPON AVIONICS pulse heating & welding"

Resistance Welder - A resistance welder consists of a welding power supply which controls the welding current, a welding head which applies pressure to the welded section, and electrodes which apply the current and the pressure to the welded section.

Laser Welder - It is an equipment to weld metals, solder or weld plastics by the laser beam. Micro joining is achieved by utilizing the high energy of a laser beam.

Pulse Heat Unit (Hot Bar Bonder) - Because heating and cooling are done while the pressure is being applied, lifting up can be prevented, and therefore, most suitable for thermo-compression bonding of flexible circuits or wires, soldering or heat fusing of plastic objects.

Joining Monitor - A variety of monitoring equipment for current, voltage, pressure and displacement which is indispensable for quality control of precision micro joining.

Fixing of PWB on electronic equipment chassis / Cross section of plastic boss pulse heat fusing

JANOME servo electro-pressing & robot